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LeafFilter vs. Other Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

LeafFilter vs. Other Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

LeafFilter™ — The First, and the Best, Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

The advent of LeafFilter™ in 1999 completely revolutionized the world of gutter filters. Other inventors recognized the strength and integrity of the design and quickly began to copycat the product. Unfortunately for them, LeafFilter™ is a patent protected product. No other micro mesh gutter guard has the longevity, the warranty or what we call Gutter Protection Perfection™. Nothing but water gets into your gutters — guaranteed!

  • All competing micro guard filters must be installed under the shingles to avoid patent litigation.
  • Installing anything under your shingles may void your roof warranty.
  • Competing micro mesh gutter guards install at the angle of your roof. The steeper your roof … the steeper the product is angled. During heavy rains a steeper angled gutter guard will not adequately slow the flow of water.

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